Ho Chi Minh City starts implementing smart city model

Ho Chi Minh City has officially announced the project on building the smart city for 2017-2020 with a vision to 2025.

The city’s two districts of 1 and 12 will be the first to pilot the implementation of the project.

The smart city model will be implemented in three stages. The first stage between now and 2020 will focus on building the technology foundation that also includes data centers and open-source data, while the second stage to 2025 will centre on the launch of smart applications in specific areas. The third stage after 2025 will be built on new visions for development.

Tran Vinh Tuyen, Vice Chairman of the city People’s Committee, said that smart city is a solution to not only address traffic, economic, cultural and social issues, but also to open up great opportunities and potential for international cooperation.

According to Tuyen, the building of the smart city will focus on four main pillars, including the building of a data centre, an operating centre, a service centre, and an information security centre.

He asked for improved management of capital and human resources, particularly in the area of information technology, in order to support the establishment of a smart city.

According to Duong Anh Duc, Director of the city Department of Information and Communications, the project will apply science and technology in proposing solutions and policies to assist the city in overcoming challenges.

“The project will develop joint database storage and open database ecology so that residents can participate in managing, contributing ideas and building authorities,” he said.

Of which, residents are placed in the centre and benefit from conveniences and energy usage with low cost; user-friendly public transport system; minimized impact of flooding; better healthcare services; safe food; better education; safe water and clean atmosphere; low crime rate and added recreation activities.

In addition, smart areas will help use natural resources efficiently and sustainably; help laborers increase their skills and knowledge, thus gaining higher working productivity and competitiveness of products on the world market.

Ho Chi Minh City’s leaders have identified the intelligent urban organization as an effective development solution since 2016. The intelligent urban construction has been based on four entities, including the government, enterprises, people and social organizations.

The city identifies four basic solutions for its smart development, including building urban authorities with long-term development strategies; the government lending support to the above four subjects in order to determine the effectiveness of a development model; strongly developing telecommunication infrastructure so that cyberspace becomes the living space of all people; and citizens are the subject of intelligent urban development.

Source: DTINews

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