Roadmap for OGP in Vietnam

It is quite difficult to determine when exactly Vietnam will participate in OGP, though regarding the development trends, Vietnam’s participation in this mechanism is inevitable. According to this approach, the roadmap for the OGP  in Vietnam can be outlined as follows:

  • Studying the feasibility of OGP for Vietnam: this activity aims at comprehending the real situation and formulate strategy and measures for campaigning. This task is presently being carried out and completed at the end of 2016.
  • Raising awareness on OGP: this activities aims at helping the political system and people to thoroughly understand OGP, benefits brought to them, the current international trends and the necessity for Vietnam to participate in OGP. Depending on methods and possibilities of campaigning, this task may last between six months and one year.
  • Building up a network of key stakeholders and partners inside and outside the political system so as to bolster preparatory activities for OGP. This can be done in parallel with awareness raising activities and requires six months to one year. Results of this task include improvement of legal framework to help Vietnam earn two more points to be eligible for OGP participation.
  • Supporting the State in participating in OGP. This needs to be done after the State shows clear political determination to join in the OGP initiative. Support will be mainly in the form of technical assistance (e.g. drafting letter, contacting relevant units, departments of OGP, calculating points). This task may require six months to one year.
  • Supporting the State in implementing OGP commitments. This needs to be done after Vietnam joins in OGP. Support will be mainly technical assistance (e.g. communication, dissemination of OGP, handling disputes…)

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